Under one roof – Pod jednou střechou

Tisch aus der Ausstellung, Foto: Antikomplex, Prag

Under one roof – Pod jednou střechou

Reconciliation in action


The exhibition by the Antikomplex association from Prague tells the story of seven houses in the border area and their inhabitants. Thousands of Czechs live today in houses whose German owners and residents were expelled after the Second World War. Some Czech and German families connected by such houses have successfully tried to establish contact with each other. Where it was possible to overcome insecurity, inhibitions and fears, the residents were able to meet each other without prejudice and not infrequently friendships developed.





In cooperation with the Euroregion Elbe/Labe and the Volkshochschule Dresden.
The exhibition is part of the Czech-German Cultural Days 2022 and the 32nd International Culture Days.