Project "zusammen.HALT" - Start of student workshops

Whiteboard mit Schülerfragen zum Projekt "zusammenHALT"

Project "zusammen.HALT" - Start of student workshops

First workshops from 26 April 2022 with young people from Dresden and Pirna


The project "zusammen.HALT" is open for further cooperation with schools and other educational partners. We would be happy to work with you to develop free historical education workshops on the history of the GDR that are tailored to the needs of your children and young people in the period from autumn 2022 to summer 2023!
If you are interested, please contact Marcus Oertel:




Workshops „Bürgerjournalismus“ and „Rollenspiel“ with pupils from Dresden and Pirna

In April and May 2022, young people in the project "zusammen.HALT" will creatively and playfully deal with the question: How is social cohesion created? Where does the boundary of the common begin, where is the freedom of the other restricted? How was this done in the GDR? What coercive measures, but also what freedoms were there?

Together with pupils from the Freie Alternativschule Dresden and the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Pirna, we will visit the historical sites of the Bautzner Straße Memorial (former Stasi prison) and the Königstein Fortress (former Jugendwerkhof). We also look for historical places on the school grounds themselves or in the surrounding area. We meet contemporary witnesses or people who had intensive exchanges with former contemporary witnesses. Stories from the families of the students themselves are also welcome.


26.04.-29.04. & 11.-13.05.2022
Workshop with pupils of a 9th grade class from the Freie Alternativschule Dresden with excursions to the Bautzner Straße memorial in Dresden and to Königstein Fortress, „Bürgerjournalismus“ and „Rollenspiel“.


Workshop with pupils of the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasiums Pirna with excursions to Königstein Fortress, „Bürgerjournalismus“ and „Rollenspiel“.

The participatory workshops use the methods of „Bürgerjournalismus“ and „Rollenspiel“. In „Bürgerjournalismus“, the participants will research stories from everyday life in the GDR under professional guidance and prepare them for the media. New media such as blogs or social media offer good opportunities for publication. In „Rollenspiel“, the participants themselves work out concrete scenarios for the game as well as the group and individual roles under supervision. This ensures that the roles are oriented towards the interests of the players and are thus closer to their real lives. The workshops were developed in advance together with the schools and the educators and the pupils were introduced to the topic in preparation.

It is also about living together in today's society. Cohesion is often invoked today: How can our democracy fulfil this wish without shaking its own foundations, which include plurality and individual freedom?



Schedule (planned)

Workshops on "Bürgerjournalismus"
in Dresden, Eastern Saxony, Poland and the Czech Republic
Spring 2022 - Autumn 2023

Workshops "Rollenspiel"
in Dresden, Eastern Saxony
Spring 2022 - Autumn 2023

Workshops MailArt
in Dresden, Eastern Saxony and the Czech Republic
Summer 2023

International Youth Exchange
in Dresden
Autumn 2023

Final exhibition
in Dresden, Prague and Gdańs