Pay attention! Peaceful!

Pay attention! Peaceful!

Pay attention! Peaceful!

A role playing game


The role playing game lets the participants discuss in five game phases how a fictional dictatorship should be led out of the crisis. Are the state reforms sufficient? Will there be a coup or will the demonstrations lead to the overthrow of the old system? Will there be a revolution?

Divided into different roles, the participants get to know the actors, positions and lines of conflict of the historical "Peaceful Revolution" in a playful and open-ended manner.

The offer is aimed at pupils from grade 9 of all school types (especially for the subjects of social studies, history, ethics and religion), but also for adults.

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Foreign language surcharge after arrangement

360 minutes
From 14 up to 30
Price for participants: Full payers and school class 16,00 € |
Minimum price: Full payers and school class 400,00 €